How to Add Pictures in Outlook Email

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How to add pictures in outlook email?

Its easy to attach pictures in email outlook. It gives a different and attractive look to your message and also helps in explaining in a simple way with the helps of a pictures. Pictures shows a easy to understand to others in a defined way.
You can also attach images to your emails with helps of the two ways the first method is inline or another is an attachment. In inline pictures are displayed directly in the body of the mail.

Now the following steps to attach a picture to an email in outlook:

• First open the new mail by clicking new option or respond to one.

• Then click on the attach on the top bar.

• Also, select the either computer or cloud locations from the drop-down menu.

• After this select a photo from your computer, one drive or any storage accounts which you want that you’ve connected and then click next.

• Then, choose attach option as a copy.

• Entering in your message and click send when you’re completely done.

Now, Insert an inline picture to an email in outlook:

• In the first step open a new email by clicking or respond to one.

• Then, Choose the Insert pictures inline icon on the mini toolbar at the bottom of the message form.

• Then after this Select a photo from your computer or your OneDrive. You can resize the picture when it appears in the body of the message.

•Enter your message and click Send when you’re done.

Its all are completely a good methods to attaching a photos in email body to show our message attractive. We also add a calendar shapes also in email body. It shows the full explanation what you want to explain and others have easily understand your message.

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