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Garmin Nuvi is one of the most appreciated products amongst all the Garmin GPS devices.

However, for it to function with efficiency, it needs to constantly be updated. A Garmin Nuvi update enables the device to download the latest maps and to include new roads that have been built thereby helping it to ensure the quality of its navigations.
If you are not sure about downloading a Garmin Nuvi Update or don’t know how to download an update then read through because this article has the answers for you!

So, Why should you download a Garmin Nuvi Update?

A Garmin Nuvi Device helps you to easily find your way around new locations and explore your destinations in a wholesome way, but maps can change overtime due to construction of new roads and events around a location can change too due to various circumstances. Therefore, for your Nuvi device to know exactly what is around, it needs to have the updated maps and information. A Garmin Nuvi Update helps you do that!
During the update, the device downloads new maps and then overlaps them with the older ones to add all the latest road streets, buildings, and information about the events and performances happening around the area. This also includes addition of new mountain trails for fond mountaineers and addition of new road network for a quicker commute.   This, therefore, significantly reduces any confusion that you may have about the routes, or streets or the area, which is essential for restoring the comfort and reliability of Garmin Nuvi’s Navigations.

How can you download Garmin Nuvi Updates?

Garmin Nuvi Updates are available on Garmin’s official website. However, we recommend that you use Garmin Express or Garmin MyConnect. Both of these apps have been designed specifically to make the update processes easier and hassle-free for the user.  
Garmin offers two versions of Garmin Nuvi Updates –a free Garmin GPS Update or a paid Garmin Map Update.

You could choose to buy new maps and get their updates or you could choose to continue with the updated version of your free Garmin Nuvi GPS. Both the versions are supported by Garmin Express and Garmin MyConnect therefore, whichever you may choose, you will be able to download and install your updates with speed and efficiency.
If you are a Garmin Nuvi 1300 user, you can update your device by downloading map manager.   Map manager helps you download and install your Garmin GPS Updates with ease. Once you have downloaded Map Manager and installed it on your PC follow the following steps to download the update:
• Connect the device to the system.
• Open Map Manager Application.
• Make sure that the application can read the device.
• Download the updated maps for your device.
• Select “Install Map” for updating the GPS.

If you are using a different Garmin Nuvi Model, scroll down to know how to download the updates for your device.

How to Update Garmin Nuvi GPS For Free?

If you want to install the Garmin Nuvi update 205w, just follow the steps given below to easily update your Garmin Nuvi device:

• Install Garmin Express on your device.
• Clicking on the above link would lead you to a Garmin Express Download page. Click on “Download for Windows” to download the application to your desktop.
• Once downloaded, double-click on the setup file.
• Select the “Yes” option.
• If you are a Mac user, you can simply open the Garmin Express DMG file to verify the software, if necessary.
• Now, attach your Garmin Nuvi GPS device to your computer.
• Open Garmin Express by double clicking on the app icon.
• Click on the “Get Started” button. This should be a blue button, at the top of the app window.
• Now, click on “Add a device.” You should be able to find it on the upper-left side of the app window.
• This should begin the Garmin Nuvi GPS Setup process.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process for your Garmin Nuvi update free download.
• You should be able to spot a house-shaped icon, towards the upper-left corner of the open window. Click it to open the dashboard.
• Select “Install All” to allow your Garmin Nuvi 205w to begin the updating process.
• Now, simply wait for your Nuvi device to finish installing all updates.
If you have followed the steps carefully, you will now be able to enjoy all the latest features of your updated device.

How to Update a Garmin Nuvi

To update your Garmin Nuvi Software you can simply follow the step-by-step procedure given in the guide below.
Downloading Nuvi updates is an easy task which can be executed with efficiency through both, Windows and Mac, operating systems. The process becomes much easier once you Download Garmin Express. Apart from the software updates, you can easily download community-created maps from their official website.
While using Garmin Nuvi, you may have encountered some errors, bugs, and other loopholes that were reported by worldwide users in the old versions. All these errors are taken into account while creating a software update to ensure that you are able to extract the most out of your Garmin Device. The bugs and the mistakes are fixed by professionals, so once you have updated your device, you should be able to see a drastic change in the performance.
However, to make the updating process easier for you, we recommend that you use Garmin Express or Garmin MyConnect during the process.

Before Installing the Garmin GPS Update…

Make sure that you have completed the following steps:
• First, you need to download Garmin Express Application in your computer.
• Clicking on the above link should lead you to the download page. Select the download option according to the operating system of your computer.
• Once the download is complete, install the application on the computer.
• Connect the Nuvi device to the computer using a USB cable.
• Launch Garmin Express.
• Click on “Add a device” and wait until the device gets automatically detected by the app.
• Register your device with the help of on-screen instructions.
Now, simply click on Install Nuvi software updates.

Update Maps and Software with Garmin Express

Garmin Express is an easy to use application designed specifically to help Garmin users in updating their Garmin devices. By simplifying the download and installation processes, Garmin Express has proven to be beneficial for thousands of global users. It is compatible on both, Windows and Mac, operating systems which makes it all the more accessible and comforting. While the in-app instructions assist the user through every process, below is a step-by-step guide to help you download and install Garmin updates through Garmin Express:

• Connect your computer to the internet and visit the official website of Garmin Express.
• You should be able to find the download page where you will see two download links.
• Download links are according to the operating system of your computer. Select the “Download for Windows” link to install Garmin Express if you are a Windows user. Similarly, Select the Mac Version to install it if you are using Mac.
• Once downloaded, open the downloaded file by double-clicking on it.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process for your Garmin Express app.
• Launch Garmin Express and connect your Garmin device to your computer using a USB cable.
• Click on “Add a device” and wait until the Express software automatically detects your device.
• The app shall now ask you for an email address. Enter the email address you sued for product registration.
• Click on the “Save device” button.
• Select “Check for updates.”
• This should open a list of available software and map updates.
• Select the updates you wish to install, and then click on “Install Now”.

If you have followed the above steps carefully, then you should now be able to install all the software and map updates in your Garmin Nuvi device.

How Will You Update Garmin Nuvi GPS for Free?

If you are unable to update your Garmin Nuvi GPS for free, you can simply follow the step-by-step instructions written below. Especially, if you are using Garmin Nuvi 300, this guide should be able to help you download and install your Garmin Nuvi update for free.

Follow the following steps to update Garmin Nuvi GPS Maps:
• Open the street maps used.
• Now type the URL related to that Garmin Map in any of the browsers on your computer.
• This should open a window where you must choose any predefined country to explore the map data according to what you need.
• Now select the file option for downloading. It should look something like ‘’.
• Now you have to patiently wait until the file downloads. This process can take some time depending upon your network speed.
• After the download completes, click on it to open the file.
• Extract and separate the downloaded files.
• Now transfer the unzipped files to the SD card. The file must be in .img format.

If you have followed the procedure correctly, you should have been able to download and update the Garmin Nuvi Map Update in a simple and hassle-free manner. Once the map updates are installed, you can expect your device to function with an effortless efficiency. This also means that Nuvi will now be able to read the updated maps, therefore, you would easily be able to bypass the long, tedious routes with better and quicker navigations to your destinations!

How to Update a Garmin Nuvi 1300 for Free 

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