Fix: SMTP Error 550 When Sending Email

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What causes email mistake 550?

The email mistake message is connected to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), which is a bunch of normalized rules to send and get messages. Thus, it is otherwise called SMTP 550 blunder code. Now and again, email blunder 550 is brought about by an issue at the beneficiary’s side.

Here are some potential foundations for email mistake 550:

  1. Your email address has been compromised as is hindered by the beneficiary’s mail worker.
  2. The beneficiary’s email address doesn’t exist.
  3. The beneficiary’s email address is briefly inaccessible or suspended.
  4. The beneficiary’s facilitating worker is briefly inaccessible.
  5. Your area name is invalid or impeded.
  6. Your web entryway has a firewall or a sifting highlight which erroneously distinguished your email as spam and hindered it.
  7. Your email is erroneously recognized as spam by the beneficiary’s mail worker.
  8. You are utilizing your email customer from an alternate IP address.
  9. The beneficiary’s mail worker neglected to distinguish your email address.

Normal expressions meaning email mistake 550

  1. Email Error 550 5.1.0 Address Rejected

This mistake message implies the beneficiary’s worker will not acknowledge messages from you. This is most likely on the grounds that the beneficiary squares your email address.

  1. Email Error 550 5.1.1

This blunder message implies the beneficiary email address you entered is invalid or doesn’t exist in the objective space. It happens either as a result of email address grammatical mistakes or because of a misconfiguration of the beneficiary’s worker.

  1. Email Error 550 Denied By Policy

It implies an email security programming has obstructed outbound messages to keep aggressors from speculating addresses by sending haphazardly produced email addresses.

  1. Email Error 550 5.4.1

This blunder message implies the beneficiary’s worker doesn’t acknowledge messages from the space you use. A DNS misconfiguration by and large causes this mistake.

  1. Email Error 550 5.7.0 Message Size Violation

This mistake happens when your email has a record surpassing as far as possible.

  1. Email Error 550 5.7.1 Access Denied

This mistake message implies the email was dismissed either in light of safety arrangements or wrong setup on the beneficiary side.

  1. Email Error 550 Administrative Prohibition

This mistake message will mean any of the accompanying:

  • The area utilized by your SMTP worker is on Real-time boycotts.
  • The beneficiary uses an area that is on Real-time boycotts.
  • The SMTP worker has a unique IP address.
  1. Email Error 550 Relay Not Permitted

It implies the beneficiary’s worker doesn’t allow the worker you are utilizing to send the email.

  1. Email blunder 550 Quarantined/550 Error Recipient Quarantined

It implies your email was hailed as spam and wasn’t conveyed. You will confront a similar blunder message if your email address is boycotted.

  1. Email mistake 550 SPF

A mail worker will actually look at the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record of a space to check if a sender is legitimate. While sending email from an IP address not recorded in SPF, you will get this mistake message.

  1. Email mistake 550 converse DNS

It implies there is no Reverse DNS record for the mail worker’s IP address or there is a confound of records in the area used to send the email.

  1. Email blunder 550 beneficiary obscure/no such client here

This blunder message implies the beneficiary’s mail worker can’t discover the mail account. This can occur because of email address grammatical errors

  1. Email mistake 550 host obscure

The SMTP worker sends this message if the hostname determined in the email address is obscure.

  1. Email blunder “550 Authentication is needed for transfer”

It implies that the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) confirmation is absent. With the goal for you to send active mail, SMTP validation ought to be empowered on your email customer, with your username and secret phrase.

  1. Worker blunder 550 or 550 Blocked Error

Mentioned move not made mistake message springs up when the email you’re attempting to send was impeded by the email facilitating worker of the beneficiary. This SMTP blunder code shows the email will be diverted back to the sender.

  1. Mistake 550 #5.1.0 Address Rejected

This message shows the beneficiary’s worker will not acknowledge messages from sender (you) or beneficiary’s messages. This mistake jumps out if your email address or any (if not all) Exchange Online messages are impeded by the beneficiary.

  1. Worker mistake “550 this space isn’t facilitated here”

This is another normal mistake. The email being sent is dismissed by the worker when the beneficiary’s username isn’t found or is out of reach. Different reasons remember grammatical mistake blunders for the email address and erroneous MX records coordinating to some unacceptable worker.

  1. What is a 550 Error in outlook email  

This mistake message is regularly connected with 550 Authentication is needed for hand-off. It implies your email worker needs SMTP confirmation to convey messages, yet the email customer utilized is yet to be validated with your username and secret word.

How would I fix a 550 mistake?

  1. Browse for email address mistakes

Email Error 550 can happen because of mistakes in an email address. Ensure the email address you entered is right, and there are no additional areas or incorrect spellings. There are likewise opportunities for the beneficiary to have given you some unacceptable email address. Affirm with them too.

Alongside that, browse whether your email address is entered effectively and your email has substance in it. Some mail workers will dismiss an email having no substance in it.

  1. Browse whether the email IP is boycotted

In the event that your email IP is boycotted in a DNS boycott, a large portion of your messages will not arrive at the beneficiary and will bob all things considered.

On the off chance that your email IP is boycotted, it implies by the same token:

  • Someone took advantage of the webmail application’s weakness and is transferring a spam script into it.
  • Someone approaches your email account and is utilizing it as an instrument to convey spam messages.

Alongside these, diverse boycott information bases have various rules for hailing an email IP. In this way, it is best encouraged to discover the information base to break down your alternatives.

You can browse whether your email IP has been boycotted here.

When you discover the boycott data set, you can push forward with eliminating your email IP from the boycott.

  1. Have a go at sending the email after some time

There are chances that the beneficiary’s worker is briefly down because of a few reasons. Advise the beneficiary that the worker might be down, and request an elective email address or hang tight for a couple of moments or hours till you attempt once more.

Discussing time, you can likewise look at this post to discover the best an ideal opportunity to send an email.

  1. Have a go at changing your active mail port

In the event that your email application utilizes port 25 as an active mail port, there are opportunities for workers to impede the email as spammers utilize port 25 regularly to send spam messages. Have a go at changing your port to 26, 465, 587 or 2525.

In case you are utilizing a firewall, you should check the adjustment of port to permit traffic to pass.

  1. Check whether IP sifting is empowered

Your SMTP worker might be set up to approve clients from just a predetermined arrangement of IP addresses. In case that is the situation, you will not have the option to send messages from different areas. You can rapidly resolve this by reaching the administrator of your mail worker.

  1. Empower SMTP validation

In most email applications, the SMTP validation is naturally designed. On the off chance that, the application neglects to arrange it; you will not have the option to send messages. Fortunately, you can design SMTP physically.

  1. Investigate the SSL strategy

As talked about, a greater part of email customers utilize an auto identify element to set up SMTP. While setting up SMTP physically, there will be a few blends of SSL accessible, including:




During manual arrangement, you should check the SSL technique utilized by the SMTP worker and design the email customer in this manner.

  1. Contact your ISP

Assuming the above arrangements neglect to determine your issue, it’s encouraged to contact your Internet Service Provider for help. There are chances that your ISP’s sifting framework may be obstructing your email.

How to forestall email mistake 550?

  1. Sweep active messages

Email mistake 550 can happen if your email account is compromised and is utilized by spammers to send spam messages. As a matter of course, hostile to spam frameworks filter every single approaching email. To ensure your record isn’t abused, set-up enemy of spam frameworks to examine active messages also.

  1. Output for malware on document transfers

On the off chance that your record is compromised, aggressors will utilize it to send spam messages alongside documents containing malware. To forestall it, set up malware scanners to consequently examine each record transferred.

  1. Square immediate active associations with SMTP workers

Spam contents may attempt to associate with far off SMTP workers straightforwardly. By impeding such associations, messages can be sent uniquely through mail workers – making it simpler to screen per client email volume, and take measures on the off chance that anything dubious emerges.

  1. Cutoff the quantity of messages each hour

By and large, an email client should send a limit of 50 messages each hour. Along these lines, it is informed to restrict the number with respect to messages sent each hour to 50 or lower, contingent upon your utilization. This will fundamentally lessen the harm a spammer can cause.

  1. Utilize a web application firewall

Firewalls can shield your framework from aggressors taking advantage of the weaknesses of web applications. This will guarantee your record stays shielded from spammers too.

  1. Change secret word

It is best encouraged to change your passwords habitually. Likewise, ensure your passwords have nothing identified with your name, age or date of birth. Join letters, unique characters and numbers to make it seriously persevering.


As should be obvious, email mistake 550 might be effectively resolvable, contingent upon its motivation. Email mistakes can happen regardless of whether your beneficiary’s inbox is full. Additionally, with a few programmers attempting to take advantage of weaknesses of email applications, it is best encouraged to utilize email security programming and change your passwords reliably.

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