How to Fix Samsung TV That Won’t Turn On

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There’s nothing more regrettable than preparing for a great film night, just to understand that your TV will not turn on. In the event that it worked impeccably previously, and there was no indication of any issue, what was the deal? What’s more, more significantly, how would it be a good idea for you to respond?

Luckily, it doesn’t imply that your TV is broken. Regularly this issue can be tackled shortly. In this article, we’ll tell you the best way to fix a Samsung TV that is not turning on.


Current TVs are substantially more complicated than they used to be. This implies that the issue could be anything, from the remote control to the cable. Consequently, before you begin freezing, check whether the remote is charged and regardless of whether your Samsung TV is connected to a power source. We realize it might sound senseless, yet individuals at times disregard such things.

In case that is not the situation, you should shine on the standby light. We can find out a great deal from whether the light is on, off, or blazing. We recommend you utilize that as an aide.

Circumstance 1: Standby Light Is On

On the off chance that the standby light is on, that is a decent sign. At the point when your Samsung TV is wound down, the standby light should in any case be on – in case TV is connected to a power source, obviously. On the off chance that the TV will not turn on, the issue for the most part lies with your remote control.

Hence, attempt to turn on your Samsung TV by squeezing the Power button on the actual TV. Ideally, it will turn on, affirming that your TV wasn’t the issue. You would now be able to change to troubleshooting your remote control.

You might have to reset your remote control. Eliminate the batteries and afterward press the Power button and hold it for around eight seconds. From that point onward, you can return batteries to and attempt to turn on your TV utilizing the remote. In case it’s as yet not working, perhaps it needs new batteries.

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Circumstance 2: Standby Light Is Off

At the point when the standby light is off, it could mean two things. Either your Samsung TV doesn’t have power, or it’s as of now turned on. As you probably are aware, when you’re watching something on your Samsung TV, the standby light turns off. In this way, it could imply that your TV is on, however the screen is black, and you can’t see anything.

To see whether your TV is on, you can press any button on your TV, with the exception of the Power button. If anything shows up on the screen, it implies the TV’s as of now on. Be that as it may, there might be different motivations behind why it doesn’t work as expected. To discover what you can do, feel free to peruse the following area about the black screen.

Then again, if your Samsung TV doesn’t respond when you press any button, it might have some power issues. Turn off it from a power source and check whether the power source is working. You can attempt with some other gadget, similar to a light or your telephone charger. On the off chance that the power source is fine, you can plug your TV back in following 30 seconds.

Many individuals tracked down this supportive, and that their Samsung TV began functioning as though nothing had occurred. In any case, if your TV doesn’t turn on or on the other hand in the event that it begins blazing, you should contact the Help Community.

TV Is On, yet Screen Is Black

Your power source is working, and your TV is on, yet nothing is appearing on the screen. For this situation, the outer source could be the issue and not your TV. To start with, check your HDMI cable. Possibly it’s not associated accurately or it very well may be broken.

Turn off the cable and fitting it back in again following two or three seconds. In the case of nothing changes, consider supplanting your HDMI cable.

Circumstance 3: Standby Light Is Blazing

Clients realize that this is the most baffling circumstance. Be that as it may, there are several things you can do. In the first place, attempt to turn off your TV. Following 30 seconds, plug it back and attempt to turn it on without utilizing the remote control.

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If this doesn’t help, actually look at your flood defenders in case you’re utilizing them. Individuals will in general disregard them, and they can wear out with time. Perhaps they’re not ready to give sufficient voltage to your TV any longer. Interestingly, they’re not extravagant and you can without much of a stretch supplant them.

Nonetheless, in case that is not an issue, you should contact Samsung Backing Center. A blazing light shows either an issue with the power or with some interior part of your TV. Once more, it’s too dangerous to even consider attempting to fix it yourself, and it’d be smarter to pass on it to an expert.

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