Fix Brother Printer Spooler Issue

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Brother Printer Spooler issue

So, firstly we discussed about that what do we mean by brother printer spooling error?
In simply context, a print spooler is software that is responsible for all managing all the jobs on your printer machine at the time of printing. Brother printer spooler is also sometimes misbehaving or corrupted due to some technical reasons.
If you also facing the problem of brother printer spooling, stuck or issue with your printer.
No need to worry it is a technical problem with every printers users have faced.
To solve this brother printer spooling error quickly and conveniently, follow the step by step instructions provided and repair your printer and back it into better condition.

Some ways to fix brother printer spooling error:

Step1: Correctly working with brother printer

• Firstly, switch off the brother printer.
• Then, Click on the Windows button or alternatively you can tap on the start button on the computer screen.
• In the final step, open the “Control Panel” application and then follow the instructions as provided by Brother Printer Spooler Technical Support.

Step2: By using administrator tools

• Start the “ Administrator Tools” windows.

• click on the “services” section.

• Now, A new window popup is automatically shown, Scroll down and find the “Print Spooler” option.
• Then after this select and hit the “Print Spooler” option. Then, choose the “Stop” button and minimise the window.
•Finally, open the printer software which you are using to view the queue print jobs.
•Then, Abort all corrupted lined up jobs.

Some easy fixes to resolve brother printer spooler error:

Method 1: Restart your printer spooler software

There is a stop and start buttons shown in the print spooler windows.

• Firstly, click on the “stop” button and then on the “Start” button again.
•Then, this will restart your print spooler.
• In case your printer spooler stops working due to any potential malware, fix the bug by restarting the spooler.

Method 2: Turning ur spooler

•There is a option “ start-up type” in the spooler properties. Click on this and set the type as “ Automatic” which fixes the printer spooler error bug.

Method3: removing the corrupted files.

Deleting the corrupted print job and restricts your printing. Once you deleted the corrupted files, restart your printer spooler and the bug is fixed.

Method 4: update your printer driver

Sometimes the brother printer spooler error may caused due to the old version of a printer driver. So, for solving this problem update your printer driver to the latest version.

Method 5: remove your printer software

• firstly unplug your printer from the power source to disconnect it.
• Then, Open the “Device and Printers” settings.
• Also Select and right-click on your Brother Printer shown on screen.
• In the final step Click on the Delete button to see the drop-down menu.

Method 6: scan for malware attacking

If any type of malware present in the system, it is not good for system so better is scanned it and removed it so your system is run properly.

Above all these methods to solved the brother printer spooler error they all are very useful try it and solved your problem if this not works last is to:
Install your printer again.

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