Fix : Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue

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The message displayed on your screen that is your paper is jam, it is caused by some problems like if your brother printer is not feeding paper correctly, the paper is not loaded properly in the paper tray, paper scraps have become stuck in the print head path, the jam clear cover located in the back of the machine, is not installed properly.

It is very annoying and irritated when your paper get stuck in your printer at the time of work and you always disassemble the machine to get it out? If you are facing the same problem every time when you are printing something so here are the possible reasons below:

Follow the steps below to solve the Brother Printer Paper jam Issue Problem:

1. Overloaded of the tray

The tray is overloaded because you may be putting too much paper into the paper tray. By the overfilled of paper it caused a jam that is not good. If you only insert the amount of papers you need at a time of printing you’re not facing the jam problem. Also, make sure the paper fits the tray and that it’s fitted rightly. Because the wrong size or wrongly deposited paper can get stuck in the printer.

2. By using the wrong paper

It is the main reason also that you’re using the wrong kind of paper that’s why it is jamming. Using a appropriate size of paper, not using cardboard and the thinnest kind of paper. Using a office paper it works with any printer model, while the jam caused by thicker and folded paper.

3. The paper pick up rollers are dust

It is must that you can clean up your rollers from time to time so it is dust free. It may not be picking up the paper correctly due to gather dust. For cleaning the roller first unplug your printer. You can use soft cotton cloth and water to clean the rollers.

4. Not using the ink cartridge of good quality

Using the bad quality of ink cartridges that caused the brother printer paper jam error. It is also damaged your printer if you continuously using a bad quality ink and it can affect the poor printing quality of your documents.

5. There’s an uneven objects in the printer

Your printer is also jam due to stuck uneven objects and also may be some overlooks paper leftover from the last time the printer jammed, paper clips, sticky notes or anything that jam your printer while printing.

6. Software issue

If your printer is jammed and you can’t see any paper stuck in it. So therefore, it could be a software issue where the screen keeps displaying the message when there actually isn’t a paper jam. For solving it restart the printer and see if the message keeps popping up. If it happen contact the customer care of brother printer.

At the time of paper stuck printer jam firstly unplugged your printer. You see a the paper touching the print head, wait first for it to cool down.

These all are the easy fixes and preventions to stop your brother printer jamming. Above all the tips are good and worked follow all the tips if you’re facing the jamming problems regularly.

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