How to Create an Email Group in Outlook?

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Originally we discussed about the email group in this group. Now what’s an Email group?

An email group ( contact group) is a collection of email IDs to transfer emails constantly. When an admin sends an mail to an mail group, all the connections in that group tag admit the same mail. It’s similar to WhatsApp Broadcast, where an admin sends a message to the broadcast list, and everyone on the group receives the message.

It’s important for every Outlook user when he/ she plans to transfer a mass mail to a group of recipients, including employees ,co-workers, or friends. A group email helps every user send a single mail to multiple recipients in one go rather than a tedious copy- paste activity. It also saves out time when we send the message in single each employee it takes very time but in group it saves further time and effective use in our daily business life.

Here, we will show you the way to create a group in outlook. A group of contact which is also referred to as a distribution list, where you can add a set of names to an mail message with single actions. Now the some steps to create a group

  • First open the outlook in your device.
  • Also on the navigation bar, choose people. After this select Home> new contract group.
  • After selecting this in the contact group box, type the name for the group.
  • Then next, select contact group> Add members.
  • Now in the add members select an option from the following three ones.
  • Select from outlook contacts.
  • Select from address book.
  • Select new mail contact.
  • Now Double- click each name which you want to add your contact group. The names show at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • Also click Ok to continue.
  • You can also manually enter names to the Contact Group that are n’t already in your Outlook contacts by clicking Add Members and also choose New E-mail Contact from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, click Save & Close to execute the changes.

Then after completed these all steps, you have successfully created a group in outlook.

After creating the outlook, you may want to know that how to send email to the contact group. Now below the following steps to show that how to send an email to a contact group in outlook.

  • First open outlook.
  • Then select home> new mail.
  • After this select To.
  • Then in the search box, type the name of the contact group.
  • Then adding the names to the To box by double clicking on it.
  • After that, click Ok to continue.

After all these steps all names are added and you send the mail at one time to all the people in the group.

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