How to Change Outlook View?

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By changing the view of an outlook looks attractive and different from the normal view.
In the outlook changing folder (the Inbox folder) view in Outlook, including switching folder views between the auto preset folder views, customizing  folder views (says adding columns, sorting, filtering, grouping, tentative formatting,etc.), and resetting folder views as well.
Now first we read about the changing folder view settings.

1. Change current folder view

The inbox is showed in the compact view in outlook. In the folder there are three preset views which you can easily choose and change to single and preview.

Compact view

The Inbox folder is opening in the hard view by default.However, you can click View> Change View> Compact to shift to this view, If the Inbox folder doesn’t display in the compact view. The following way for changing the layout of message list.
• In the first line it shows the sender of the dispatch.
• In the alternate line it indicates the subject and also entered date of the dispatch.
• And in the third line you can show the communication body of the dispatch.

Single view

After opening the inbox brochure, you can show it in the single view by clicking View> change view> single.

Now in the message list, every mail displays in two lines.

• The first line indicates all kinds of information of an mail via columns, including significance status, reminders, attachments, sender, subject, entered date, etc. No matter how numerous columns you have added, they will display in the communication list.

• And the second line displays the communication body of the mail. The wider the communication list, the further content you can preview.

Preview view

After opening the Inbox folder, you can change its command to preview by clicking View> Change View> Preview.
In the wide communication list, every mail contains two lines.

• The first line shows every field of an mail in a column, similar as from, subject, entered, size, flag, etc. No matter how numerous columns you have added in this view, they will display in the communication list.

• You can exercise the communication body of an dispatch in the alternate line.

Now for changing the views in outlook by adding columns to the view. Follow the below steps

• Firstly to add columns to the view click on the “ columns button in the “ Advanced View Settings” dialog box to open the “ Show Columns” dialog box.

• Then after this set the “ Maximum number of lines in compact mode” by using the drop-down to the right of that marker.

• Also use the “ Select available columns from” drop-down in the upper-left corner to choose a set of fields to show in the left list.

• Also, to add a field to your new view, in the left lift select it and then click the “ Add button to add it to the list to the right.

• After this to change the position of the newly added field, select it in the list to the right and then click the “ Move Up” and “ Move Down” buttons until it’s in the desired place.

• In the last step Click “ OK” after adding and organizing the fields.

How to change Outlook view to default

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