How to Change Font Size in Outlook

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Change Fonts in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365

Changing the font size in outlook is important to show your characters in clearly way. It changes according to your showing level. It’s easy to Change the font size in outlook and also changing the fonts to looks attractive.
Changing the font size in Microsoft outlook
It depends where you’re located.

1. For the email panel

• First located in view tab, in the current view group, Also choose view settings.

• Then, click other settings.
• After this click the row font button.

• Then choose the font style and size you want and then click ok.
• For changing the font size for your message list headlines, tap on the column font button, and make changes.

2. For an open communication.

• In the communication tab, in the zoom group, also click
• Then choose the zoom level and click ok.
• After this press and hold the ctrl key and scroll your moose wheel.

3. For the navigation pane.

• Click right mouse button an option ( similar as an icon at the bottom of the navigation pane)

• Also, choose Navigation Pane Options.
• After this select (Highlight) the option * you want to change the font on and click Font.

• Also, choose the font size and any other features you want to change and click OK.
• It can be easy to You can modify the font for your email, folder list, contacts, tasks and further.

currently, you can assign the desired font to separate groups. Different settings may be chosen for new emails that you type, forwarded dispatches, replies, and plain textbook. Then’s how this works.

Changes to new messages mean that your default font will be replaced.

• It can be Changes for replies and forwarding means that when you further an dispatch or reply to it, the font will change.

• With a normal textbook, it’s different font changes apply to messages viewed by you. Other people will still see them as plain text.

• It changes by clicking on each of the “ Font” buttons opens an eponymous window. There, you may set special parameters for the body and headlines, and view sample textbook. You may change the distance on the “ Advanced” tab.

• By Clicking on the‘ Theme’ button at the top allows you to disable the current theme for HTML dispatches, or set a new one. The action opens a new window where you can view all available themes, pick one, or choose “ No Theme” to disable it.

• The each theme includes a special font, sizing, colour, and effects. Choosing a theme disables the choice described over, as all the properties are auto- defined.

• Also, Click on OK on each of the open windows to close it. Now, your font preferences have been changed!

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