Canon Printer Error Code 6C10

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Canon is a brand that is known for offering us different sorts of specialized devices and one of those devices is the printer. The printers offered by canon are awesome that helps us differently. With the assistance of the Canon printer, alongside printing, we can output and fax too. A printer as a specialized gadget once in a while needs to go through some specialized Errors which can stop it from working without a hitch. Canon printer additionally need to confront those specialized Errors which make it hard to work with.

Canon printer Error code 6C10 is addition of those Errors that forbid the printer from working. There are a few strategies by applying which you can without much of a stretch determination those Errors.

What is Canon Printer error code 6c10

The canon printers contain an inside counter that monitors the quantity of pages that have been printed and how frequently a cleanup has been done, etc. These counters are utilized to decide the measure of waste ink that may be assembled at the foundation of the printer. At the point when the canon printer accepts that the waste ink tank is full, the printer not printing and gives you an error message “canon printer error 6C10“.

Step by step instructions to fix Canon Printer Error 6C10

The Canon printers have a liking to decide the level of the waste tank wrongly. Thus, you can ordinarily print more, just by resetting the interior counter. In this bit by bit article on the best way to fix canon printer error 6C10, you will learn only that.

Initially, we will attempt to clean the froth that gathers the waste ink. This should ideally clear the error.

Stage 1: Fix the lid of the printer and permit the cartridge transporter inside the printer to focus itself. At the point when the cartridge transporter is focused, you will see a row of white rollers behind the transporter on the right side.

Stage 2: Clean the plastic. Toward the finish of the rollers, you will track down a little plastic piece that is clear and is standing out. Take a little piece of a soft material or a paper towel to clear the ink off of this plastic. In the wake of cleaning the plastic, ensure that you clean the ink cushion too.

Stage 3: Clean the froth cushion. From the piece of plastic towards the front, you will track down a little square article that seems as though a froth cushion. This is the place where the printer gathers the abundance ink. Utilize a spotless piece of paper towel and press into the froth cushion. Continue to clean this cushion until the paper towel doesn’t assemble any more ink from the cushion.

Stage 4: Restart the printer. Subsequent to cleaning everything, set everything back into its unique position and plug in the printer once more. This should fix your concern. If not, we should restart the ink absorber counter.

To reset the ink absorber counter, play out the accompanying advances: –

Stage 1: Switch off the printer.

Stage 2: Press and hold the Resume button.

Stage 3: Next, press and hold the Power button simultaneously. This will make the green Drove light up.

Stage 4: Holding the power button, discharge the resume button.

Stage 5: Press the resume button twice and afterward discharge both the buttons together.

Stage 6: Press the resume button multiple times and afterward promptly press the Power button.

The above arrangement of moves should reset the ink absorber counter on the printer. After you have played out this progression, turn off the gadget and fitting it once more.

In the event that you have cleaned the froth gatherer just as reset the ink absorber counter, your inquiry on the most proficient method to fix canon printer error 6C10 has been effectively replied. If not, you should contact the client service group to help you fix your concern

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