8 Easiest Ways to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

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Samsung is a worldly-known company famously recognized by its electrical implements and a better studied mechanism. Different homely and professional devices have been manufactured and vended all over the global with the consistent positive response.

One in the constant to top in the race of appliances, each device from every company faces technicality issue or different types of furnish that can change the outlook of the very device in the eyes of a purchaser. It can help degrade the value of the same in the market or wreckage the reputation of the company even by a little.

One that concerns the problem faced by more than the half customers and are deeply conflicted by it.

The Black screen issue on the Smart TV.

An issue faced by many yet the answer to its correction can be difficult to perform or find. A lot of different households face this complication on a daily basis and rather than keeping a knowledge of it find other source to correct which cannot always come in handy.

Yet here are some simple and efficient solution that reflects a basic comprehension for an individual to read and follow:

  1. Secure a proper cable connection.

The one of the most simplified solution of the very problem is this. To ensure that the cable has been wisely inputted between the external source and the television. This method will let you know if the problem id due to the connection or any other issue present.

Therefore, to fix and confirm the problem, one need to unplug all the connections and then deeply plug it back tightly to make sure if there are still any problem arising.

One can arise from if there is a connection problem between the power cable and power supply to check if they are under good operating condition.

Once the above process is done, check if the screen is back to normal and if not, there can be misty internal fault in the cables itself, which can either be damaged or faulty. Make sure that the faulty cable and the HDMI cable is in a proper shape.

If you find either a broken or a damaged cable, replace it as soon as possible and then check if the television is now working or not.

Once can also switch the HDMI portals to see if the problem lies in one connection or all.

  1. Checking the sources.

Sometimes there can many sources connected to the television which can also cause the screen to turn black. Checking all the source should be the main priority. One way to be positive about it can be to press the menu button on the remote and if the tab shows the functions of the menu, then there is no fault in the television but the connected sources.

Amazon, DVD player, Xbox can be some sources in connection with the television which are to be checked.

  1. Changing of sources

Try changing or switching the sources off and on is to ensure that they are functional well.  In most cases this can be solved you can have the black screen problem gone. But even if this action doesn’t seem to work, change the position of the sources with another and try it again.


  1. Setting of the input correctly in the television.

If your television is serving the black screen in front of you, then one problem can be the incorrect setting of the inputs. Therefore, to make sure it works well enough to remove the black screen, one can press the source button situated on the remote. Once displayed you can navigate your way towards the input settings and make sure they are suitably set.

Most importantly, make sure your television input is set to the component you are currently using.

  1. The use of sleep-time mode.

A feature programmed in the television called the sleep-timer mode can also be the reason for the television to turn black. The basic function of the sleep-timer can be that one can press the very function to switch the television of for some limited amount of time.

Some following to steps to remove it from the mode:

  1. Select the menu button on the remote.
  2. Choose system and click on time.
  • Press the sleep timer option and switch it off.
  1. Resent the television.

When neither of the above steps work, try resenting you television on last time before asking for a professional service. This feature will resent all your functions with erasing all the data and get rid of the bugs and glitches of your television. This will likely bring the screen of your television back by removing the black screen.

The following steps can be made:

  1. Select menu on your remote control.
  2. Once done, click the option settings and hit enter on the remote.
  3. At last, navigate to support and enter.


  1. Seek for professional help:

If nothing seems to work and the result is not fruitful, then you can always look for technical helper and ask them sort the issue out. Professional are trained in this field of work so keeping your faith in them can be easy and trustable.

  1. Power-off

One can always power off the television for a time being and wait till it can turn back to normal. This method can be tried with the reset button and can come in help by using it to bring the normal television color back.

These steps will help you change your black screen into a normal one.

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