5 ways to fix Vizio Smartcast TV not Available

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You are set to enjoy your favorite show on your Vizio SmartArt TV for the perfect evening after a long day at work. You will be ready to cast your telephone or watch it, but you will then be faced with these words – not available Vizio SmartCast TV. Or just a black display panel. Upsetting, right?
While Chrome casting is a great method to mirror or broadcast video material on the wide screen, this technology has a myriad of issues and mistakes in its own sense. And one of them is “Vizio SmartCast TV Not Available.”
Now, you constantly wonder why certain situations occur, and subsequently, by casting on your tv, you choose to watch certain series or movies? You may detect the bug to see just what causes your favorite SmartCast TV show marathon to stop. The “Vizio Smart Cast TV Not Available” issue may arise attributed to a combination of factors, such software faults or a temporary installation error, or even something as basic as a bad Internet connection. But don’t be concerned, this problem has several easy and practical remedies. Continue reading.

1. Solve your Wi-Fi connection. –

Usually, the “Vizio SmartCast TV not accessible” effect is exacerbated by a slow Internet connection. Go to Network Settings to determine whether or not the internet connection works on your SmartCast TV. It indicates you herein whether or not your connection is secure. If so, then a sluggish network connection is likely to occur. Try the following settings to achieve the required network speed:

a. Change your router’s placement. Or detach your router and hold it back into the power source for another 30 seconds. Now confirm if your Vizio SmartCast television has been reconnected to the router. You can also attempt to circumvent the router and connect it to the modem directly.
b. Make sure you own a secured broadband connection. In general, public speed is incredibly sluggish and so therefore hampers the connection to the network.
c. Check if such an Internet connection works or does not function on other devices. If so, then it’s a different issue. Look for a different strategy.

2. Choose an ethernet connection

Such technique falls within the preceding type of approach, however it is again very efficient. Try connecting your SmartCast TV to another network like your mobile hotspot or network (if available). It is used to examine if the ‘Vizio
SmartCast TV Not Available’ problem is caused by your ISP. If your device works on a separate network, please contact your ISP for assistance.

3. Power your SmartCast TV with a power cycle.

Power cycle performance is like pushing the system setting refresh button and this eliminates all temporary configurations that might cause an issue. All you have to do is to execute a power cycle

  • a. Turn off your TV and unplug your Vizio SmartCast.
    b. Turn off your router and disconnect the router from your power socket.
    c. Next, remove the SmartCast app on your smartphone, restart your phone and reset the app.
    d. Plug in the same Wi-Fi network, and connect the necessary network devices.
    e. Open the home window of SmartCast and verify if the issue was fixed.
    You can also try to carry out a soft power cycle:
    A. On your Vizio remote, press the menu button.
    B. Choose Open the System option now. Then select the Reset and Admin option to open.
    C. So choose Soft Power Cycle. You will instantly restart your SmartCast TV. And power your router and mobile telephone as long as you’re in it.
    D. Restart your router and mobile phone and link all devices to the same network after you restart the TV. Now make sure you have fixed or disabled the “Vizio SmartCast TV Not Available” issue.

4. Change the DHCP Configuration.

It’s time to upgrade the DHCP settings of your TV if you’re still encountering this problem. This implies that your gadgets will receive separate IP addresses. This means that the bug is fixed.
All you need to do is to modify your DHCP settings:

1. Turn your SmartCast TV off.
2. Open your PC and enter your favourite browser router URL.
3. Use your username and password to log in to your account.
4. Select Open and select DHCP Settings which may be found in Advanced Network Settings.
5. Now disable and restart if the DHCP Settings are already activated. Enable them if they’re disabled.
6. Before quitting the page, do not forget to Save Settings button.
7. Turn on your television, finally.

These procedures should repair your DHCP settings incorrectly and cure your problem in no time.

5. The Vizio SmartCast TV System Repair

The last resort to get rid of the ‘Vizio Smart Cast TV Not Available,’ finally, is through the Factory Reset process. Take into consideration, however, that all your past material will be lost on adopting this technique.
Follow the steps below to implement this method:

1. On your remote TV press the Menu button. 1. Go to System.
2. Select Reset and Admin and open, then select Reset TV to Factory Configuration.
1. You may just use your remote Factory to rest your SmartCast TV. Tap the Input buttons and Down Volume buttons for 5-10 seconds simultaneously. Wait until your TV screen shows a bar.
2. Press the input button for 5 seconds again before you turn off your TV.
3. Turn on and follow reset instructions on your SmartCast TV.
The aforementioned techniques will cure your mistake and have you back in no time to stream your favourite show! You may always call your Vizio SmartCast TV operator if these techniques are not worked. In the following comments, tell us which solution worked for you!

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