5 Methods to fix Samsung TV sound Delay Issue

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The Samsung Sound Delay issue is very common. it creates an audio-visual -lag. This can be easily solved and can be fixed by an individual sitting at home. One individual can easily reset at home.

Have you tried pressing the mute button on a Samsung TV to make sure there is no sound? This is a common regional event on many Samsung TVs. Audio can be stressful and difficult to repair.

Fix Samsung TV audio lag – The first thing to do when trying to troubleshoot Samsung TV. Make sure that the sound is not muted. If you think the volume is right, try turning off the television or another external device and restarting it. (Cable box, etc.) Be sure to reset your TV. Unplug the connector for at least 30 seconds, and then plug it in again.

Fortunately, Samsung has reduced the complexity much more than ever before, how to unlock and update to solve this problem. For example, if you are looking for recommendations for Samsung TV sound delay, then here are five ways to fix Samsung TV sound Delay issue:-


Method 1- Check the Show 

Firstly, it has to be checked whether the sound issue is from the show that is been played on or from the TV itself. This may also be a problem with the program.

To check the show sound, it can be played on any other device like a laptop or a mobile. Once the quality of the sound is verified from other devices and the audio is absolutely fine, then it is clear that it might be the sound problem on the TV, but before coming to the conclusion it is recommended to check the sounds of other shows first from the TV and then from other devices like laptop or mobile phones and if the audio quality is unclear then move forward to other steps mentioned.


Method 2- Sync Home Theatre System

Sometimes the problem is in the timing. If you have a home theatre system, it is recommended that you repair it. For example, you can synchronize the picture and sound on a home theatre system. Samsung TV. Follow the instructions to optimize the sound settings of your Samsung TV:

  • Press the home button on the TV remote control to open the menu.
  • Enter the settings, and then make a sound.
  • Select the expert, and then select the sound delay.
  • Increases or decreases the number according to the delay of the second tone.

After this go to the video player, check the audio quality and if still doesn’t work then further steps can be taken into consideration or can be taken to a nearby Samsung store.


Method 3- Check the Sound Bar

The Samsung TV sound bar might be the reason for the delayed audio. To avoid this issue Wi-Fi, Bluetooth everything must be turned off and later to check if the issue is resolved or else disconnect it from everything and even from each other so that they can’t be synced up and there is no further new issue.

It is suggested to disconnect the sound bar from the Samsung TV because it has been noticed in earlier cases that it creates unnecessarily delayed sounds and messes up everything.

Another option is to adjust the sound bar and synchronize it with your Samsung TV. The instructions are usually written on the backside of the menu and if it’s not written the following menu on the sound bar, select Sound sync and after that play the delayed sound.


Method 4: View Smart TV

Samsung TV may be the perpetrator of your out-of-time sound. If you have a sound bar, the solution to this problem is that your menu settings can also sync louder sounds than the TV.

Open your sound bar settings and fine-tune your audio synchronization. If these have not been set as the default values, any issues can be resolved by lag in sync between content seen and heard during playback by the many HDMI cables or Bluetooth pairing related devices. To get the best sound quality from the Samsung TV, one should turn off the audio power. If this does not work and there is a delay in media playback in the built-in audio system, we recommend that you perform a reset. To do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Sound or Audio tab
  • Scroll down to “Reset Audio” and press it.


Method 5- Update Samsung TV Firmware

If there is no solution for smart TV to solve the audio lag problem. Smart TV firmware can cause this problem. For example, if the firmware on a smart TV is out of date. The TV is out of sync. Just visit the official Samsung website and download the latest firmware. Then install it on your Samsung Smart TV. Instructions on how to update Samsung TVs have been provided.


Final Step

If one experience audio delays on Samsung TV, there are several possible reasons. Check your home theatre settings to make sure they are syncing properly with your TV. You can check whether you’re smart TV needs a firmware update. This audio delay can occur due to other software issues. The last thing you need to do is to check the volumes on both systems, as they may not be configured on the same volume, or contact Samsung Customer Service Centre for more information.

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