What is Importance of Environment in Human Life?

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The Natural World, as a Whole or in a Particular Geographical area, Especially as Affected by Human Activity.

Now as we have read in the above given description, we can make out the fact that environment is an important essence for us and in us. We are indebted to the nature to perform all the activities that provides us the essentials to live. Be it, food, air, water, etc., we live on all these things but we can only consume it if the environmental conditions stay sustainable.

One cannot enjoy all these benefits without caring and nourishing our natural environment. Nothing comes for free and that we have to work for it is the basic rule of the nature and one should start following sooner before the collapse of the environment relativities can be seen or experienced.

Environment is the provider of all the different types of species existing on this planet and we ought to cherish and protect if we want to enjoy the luxury of possessing one for the longest time.

The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen happens under the conditions of a good processing of environment. One cannot receive everything without any pain of bone inside a human body. You have to move a limp in order to receive what you mattered enough nourish and provide your importance towards.

The word environment is derived out of a French word called ‘environ’ which means ‘surrounding’ in English.

Environment and ecology are the basic natural branches of the living science which in domain, studies about the organisms and the interactions among organisms and their environment.

Now lets study about the main aspects of the ecosystem:

  1. Natural ecosystem:

The natural produced environmental products can be under the category of Natural Ecosystem. One can set the examples as, deserts, forests, mountains, river, grasslands, lakes and many other available.

  1. Artificial ecosystem:

The man-made or unnatural made environmental products can be set under the category of artificial Ecosystem. One can set the examples as, aquarium, crop fields, gardens, park, zoo, swimming pool and many other available.

These major components of environment are also divided in subparts of two categories:

  1. Biotic Environment: The including of all living organisms is known as Biotic environment. The examples can be listed as, Animal, birds, insects, reptiles, forests and also the subsection of microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, virus, algae and many other existing.


  1. Abiotic Environment: The including of all non-living components can be set in the category of Abiotic environment. The examples can be listed as air, dust, land, cloud, river, humidity, temperature, sand, water vapor mountains and many other existing.

The Impacts of Human on the Environment:

The concept of environment saving for humans seems overrated in comparison with their action. We don’t understand the need of a good healthy environment in our daily life and fail the nourishing environment that we should provide to our mother nature. The rising of global warming, pollution, debasement of soil, overpopulation Dwindling of Natural resources, Generation of non-viable waste, dumping of waste material in the water, deforestation, melting of ice-caps, lose of diverseness, climate change, the acidification of ocean, the repeated cycle of nitrogen, the exhaustion of ozone layer, Acid rain, water pollution, overfishing, migration to the urban areas, the human health, the genetic engineering and many other negative factors that the environment is losing its goodness slowly in.

Due to human carelessness and different negative factors performed by human are the reason of the deprived nourishment towards the environment that should be people’s major priority is losing its essence slowly due to the negative mistake of human clearly effecting the environment directly. One should always keep a check out on the detreating condition of the environment and its fast-destroying pace where the humans will be affected by either way.

Nobody realizes the problem that is going to fall upon humans one way or the either if people don’t take action in betterment of the society. We will have difficulty in breathing and will eventually fall in the trap of lung cancer or asthmatic conditions. The clean ocean where the water species tend to live is slowly dying due to the released waste by the developed countries directly in the water body and the small country throwing their waste in he nearby lakes which quickly turns contaminated by this small action and then ruin the living of the species and produce dirty generated water.

One has to stop these practices before the earth seem a place of suffocated living. People join hands together to bring the healthy nourished environment back for us and also the other species that tend to suffer due to the human action of carelessness.

Environment is important and so are the life of the humans. So protect before the nature gives up on us.

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