What are 20 Major Environmental Problems?

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Everybody knows the changing climatic conditions and its consequences towards it. Environment is something we ought to protect and live for because it goes both ways and as environment has been providing with everything, we should return the needs for our own and the species as well. Your relation with the environment is inevitable and the more you run from your responsibilities the more you find yourself in a compromising position with the nature itself.

This is nobody’s fault but ours and we have to accept it and fit it in our veins before the environment find itself destroying and you find your lungs out of air.

You can ignore it all you want and be lazy about protecting your own environment but one fact should be clear in the head that ruining the nature means ruining yourself in the most detreating ways because environment changes every second of the day and so does the addition of the piling of the problems. Your choice can detreat someone’s life and one day, your too if the same happens every time that it cost your life.

With the increasing force of natural disasters, global warming and different setting of the weather each time can take toll on the earth and that’s what people need to realize and go forward to eradicate it.

Global warming for instance has been increasing in a large capacity and the victims but also the assailant of the same are the humans and we need to accept and control this challenging situation. The world is facing this problem and yet we have our hands folded and only some are who are actually taking a major step ahead but the masses are important in these criteria and that’s what we need to save our environment.

Here are some preferably main 20 problems of environment that one face in their daily life:

1 – Population:

There are many domains that causes pollution in the environment and they are; Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Light, Thermal etc. We all have studied about these topics individually in school and even have experienced in our physical life. The blowing of the horn, the throwing of garbage in the soil and also the factory waste that is straight discarded in the near river or waterbody.

This needs to stop before the environment helps you stop breathing because of the polluted air.

2 – Debasement of Soil:

As we read above, the soil is major part of each country as it provides us food to eat and help the animal stay in their home. There forest. But what happens if someone from the other side starts throwing their garbage in your house too rather than a recycle bin or dustbin? Moreover, they start injecting bacterial waste in your soul where you grow food?

Believe it or not, this day isn’t far away and once you realize your duty towards the environment, all you can do is hope that it’s not too late.

Due to such reasons like, overgrazing, monoculture planting and many other, you face the issue that you should solve for your and the nature’s sake.

3 – Global Warming

One can blame the increment of Global warming on the human practices of discharging of the greenhouse gases. As known, it leads to rising of temperatures which eventually covers up the cause of natural disasters like, flooding, draught, rise in sea level and many other practices that are still a harm to our environment and our society and all we can do is safe it before it ruins us slowly.

4- Overpopulation:

No lies are showered on this word when say that overpopulation is a reason of degrading of food, water, etc. The overly grown population leads to the shortage of these elements which naturally to scarce resources and deprived outgrowing of the country.

It is one of the most main reason of Environmental Issues and the government need to release a statement against it to save our nature.

5- Dwindling of natural resources:

The overly populated earth need extra natural resources for consumption and with the constant need of humans from the nature who is not able to suffix each demand because of the limited resources find sit difficult to surpass the limit set.

The better industrialization of developing countries needs more land to build the buildings and need the same nature of discard their waste products.

If that’s not hypocrisy then I don’t know what is.

6- Generation of non-viable waste:

The over degradation of waste in the society is slowly leading to be a major threat to the environment. The extra consummation of products and then exaltation in the nature is harmful and is ruining the chances of creating a better nature.

This leads to the non-biodegradable of the harmful waste products like plastic, chemicals and etc. which eventually and finds its way to the nature and decorate it slowly but effectively.

7- Dumping of waste products in the water:

As already discussed above, the overly production of products comes with the handling of overly degraded wastes too. Develop countries thinks that the easiest way to discard your waste Is to dump it in the ocean which has many side effects like putting the water animals lives in danger and also dirtying the water because of selfish reasons and the same goes for small areas that throw the waste in small bodies of water.

8- Deforestation:

The cutting of the trees is known as Deforestation that people seem to practice a lot since the past many years due to their own selfish properties or upgrading the country by snatching the land of nature. The nature seems to lose its essence with the lessen of fresh air producing and the exchange of carbon-dioxide and oxygen.

9- The melting of polar ice caps:

The large of ice melting in Antarctica and its components flowing down is a sign of disregarded environment and nature. This is a clear sign of the sea level rising and the ice melting resulted by the imbalance in the nature that is also the cause of pacing flooding, contaminated water and many major issues.

10-The loss of diverseness:

Due to the extra waste products and imbalances in the environment many unendangered species has been losing their life which took million of years for the co system to protect. Keeping it in the halves is important for settling the nature at it’s pace and not lose the idea of habitant dying.

The nature is important and so are the animals so it’s important to prioritize to each of the species.

11- Climate change:

One of the reasons that surfaces is the change in climate. Due to the increase in the global warming, you can witness the change in climatic condition and for the worst one might add. This happens due to the high rate of temperature and also can cause many major disastrous effects.

12- The acidification of ocean:

One of the major reasons of facing this is due to the increase in the CO2 which as known also originates because of the cause of Global Warming. Its main impact connects with a human’s esophagus and also the shellfish.

13- The repeated cycle of nitrogen:

The nitrogen is said and meant to be a good gas for the environment and the humans but the problem arises when it its in excess or lessen which directly means one thing. Imbalance. It is good for the soil and the growing life of the plants but due to the global warming there can be changes in the nitrogen cycle which can not only harm the plants but also the humans.

14 -The exhaustion of ozone layer:

The ozone layer is thin invisible covering that protects the earth from the harmful rays and radiating air. The increasing in the global warming seems to have a direct effect on the ozone layer due to the pollution cause by CFS and other gases.

This creates a hole in the ozone layer and let the harmful rays’ seeps inside it, creating a problem, but mostly for Antarctica due to its near location.

15- Acid Rain:

Acid rain can be one of the most harmful cause for the earth which initiates due to the eruption of a volcano or combustion of fossil fuels. It is harmful few all species existing in the planet, be it humans, animals etc.

16- Water Pollution:

The already known cause of eradicating waste material in the pond or ocean full of water can be one of the major causes of it. In India the cleaning of their clothes and letting their animals’ bath in one can also be the reasons but all we can do is stop as soon as possible for the better future of ours and others.

17- Overfishing:

The increasing level in the fishing is also the cause of global warming. It is due to the imbalance of the waterbody severely. And not to forget its negative points in the marine and costal habitants that rely on fishing as their source of living.

18- Migration to the Urban area:

Many of the people travel their way to the urban cities in search of employment but also forget the overpopulation and disbalances between the Urbana and the Rural area.

The migration eventually led to more traffic, land degradation and many other problems.

19- The human health:

The degrading health of each individual due to the global warming is saddening and all we can do is help to reduce it. The pollution, bad drinking water and many more causalities that people face due to the global warming are unreal and all they can do is fight against it.

20- Genetic Engineering:

The upgradation do genetic food is called genetic engineering The modification of genetic food can result into toxicity and catch disease as genes that spreads from one allergic plant to the other targeted plant. There are so many factors that one can avoid for the best if they stop modifying the food and donating in the global warming.

These are some major issues that people and the other species deals with because of the poor choices made buy the human. But its high time and we got to stop it before our laziness turns into obliviousness and we lose or our loved one because of the above following factors.

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